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24 Hour Helpline +27 (0)76 509 4011






Corporate Care

People and places brought together to heal and inspire.

Corporate Care
Creates a safe and comfortable environment to identify work related and personal obstacles in building a wellness culture.

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Our Purpose

Mondia Health defines its purpose as a company that makes it possible for people to live meaningful and fulfilled lives despite the everyday challenges they may experience. Initially Mondia health focused on admitting individuals who need treatment in one of our facilities across the country, we now offer various services in Mental Health, Substance Abuse Disorders and Corporate Environments.

It is our goal to support your company and its employees by promoting opportunities and guidance which enables employees to engage in effective management of their own wellbeing. Whilst offering support and coaching to the leadership team. We strive to enable the employer to achieve all objectives of the company by placing value on the employees. To enhance the employment value proposition by means of promoting a culture of individual health and over all company wellness.



Corporate Consulting


The Enneagram Series

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Overcoming Team Dysfunction Series

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High impact contact sessions

  • Key Note Speakers
  • Team Building

Leadership Wellness

  • Personality assessment
  • Grow Model
  • Team Building

Sober Living Program

  • 12 x Sessions

Description of Services Offered:


Corporate Consulting

Our Corporate Consulting service acts as an outside pair of eyes that provides skilled advice to companies trying to resolve their business challenges. We aim to solve matters like low productivity, lack of accountability, conflict within teams, underperforming employees and poor company culture, among many others. We use tried and tested models and products that we have incorporated within our own national hospital group and its employees. We work with the leadership teams to establish change and transformation.


High Impact Sessions


High impact contact sessions can be presented in isolation or combined to create your desired program. High impact contact sessions are presented in person, or virtually by Mondia Corporate Care Consultants. The topics and life skills discussed during these contact sessions differ in terms of the needs identified by the client.


Employee Sobriety

Sobriety workshop assist employees struggling with substance abuse or addictive behaviour whilst seeking to empower and support them on a journey of recovery.


School Support

We aim to create awareness by offering guidance to our youth. Mondia Corporate Care offers support services and initiatives to centres of education and educators.


Additional Services:

Wellness Days And Awareness Campaigns

Mondia Corporate Care can host awareness campaigns and wellness days for your company, to connect with employees, build relationships, review employee health and wellness, and provide hands on skills development.

Sober Living

Corporate Wellness

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